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It's been thought that Anne Hathaway has had a little plastic surgery, but she's denied it. If she had a nose job and breast implants they would have been conservatively done for a natural look. She once said that she wanted to have a nose job done, but in the end she realized that the face of an actor must be distinctive …otherwise you're just a face. Anne Hathaway has a distinct face, but from this before and after photo it looks like her nose was a little bigger in high school. So, if she got a nose job then it was incredibly subtle.

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Anne Hathaway plastic surgery

Anne Hathaway before and after

Here she is when she was a teenager and once again her nose looks bigger than it is now.

Anne Hathaway nose job

This before and after picture is a little deceiving because she's kind of hiding her breasts in the before pic. It's supposed to present a case that she got a boob job, but it's still up in the air.

Anne Hathaway breast implants

That's a lot of cleavage for a natural bust. Anne Hathaway's official breast size is listed as a 34 cup.

Anne Hathaway boob job

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Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery

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