Amanda Seyfried Feet In Great Shoes And Cute High Heels

When Amanda Seyfried steps out, it’s always a good idea to look at her feet. She wears shoes that are edgy and her high heels are often futuristic. She uses her blonde looks as a foil for edginess. When she goes out, her shoes are often high heels. Seyfried seems to like her shoes and high heels strappy and sexy. But she is not afraid of futuristic and classic cut heels. They always compliment her body and clothing very well. 

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Amanda Seyfried Feet

    Even her closed toe shoes are strappy.    

Amanda Seyfried Feet

      Amanda Seyfried isn't afraid to wear high heels with mesh and straps.    

Amanda Seyfried Feet


Amanda Seyfried Feet

      She isn't afraid of a classic pump either.    

Amanda Seyfried Feet

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Amanda Seyfried Shoes

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