Alyssa Milano Tattoos And Meanings

Alyssa Milano has several small tattoos on her body. The most famous tattoo on her back is a Buddhist symbol and the meaning translates to depth of wisdom and unity. Also, you'll notice that she has a chain and cross on her back. Perhaps she's Buddhist and Christian?...

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alyssa milano back tattoo

Here she has a chain of roses around her ankle.

Alyssa Milano Tattoo

alyssa milano tattoos

  The tattoo on Alyssa Milano's wrist is a symbol for OM. That's the sound you vocalize in some practices of meditation.  

Alyssa Milano Wrist Tattoo

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Alyssa Milano Tattoos

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wendy ramnarine -
7/3/13 @ 9:11pm PST

you know that the symbol on her back is an om right and its from the hindu religion. hindu and buddhist are two different things.

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