Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before And After

It's a mystery as to what type of plastic surgery Ali Lohan got, it any. Around age 17 her face completely changed from her eyes to her lips. But, she has firmly denied getting any plastic surgery and says it's just the maturing process and coming into her age. It's hard believe that because - in the before and after photo - she literally looks like two completely different people. Her eyes have a different shape, her lips looks like they got Restylane implants, and there's some unidentifiable overall difference. Also, being the younger sister of Lindsay Lohan it's easy to expect nearly anything from her. Ali Lohan may or may not have gotten plastic surgery, but it certainly seems like she did.

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Ali Lohan before and after

It's hard to believe that's even Ali Lohan in both the before and after picture. Yes her hair is dyed two different colors, but that's not big enough of a difference to explain the change in her overall look.

Ali Lohan plastic surgery

She kind of looks like a ghost in the after picture.

Ali Lohan before and after plastic surgery

Ali Lohan plastic surgery before and after

Verdict time - did Ali Lohan get plastic surgery and what kind (if any)?

Ali Lohan cosmetic surgery

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Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

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